About the Journal

SKRIB facilitates intercultural dialogue around the development of writing programmes, writing centres, and writing pedagogy in post-secondary institutions of higher learning around the world.

Having developed in response to the largely unidirectional flow of writing centre & composition program models outward from the United States, SKRIB calls for examinations of:

  • in-country development and operation of writing programs and pedagogy;

  • writing programs & pedagogy as cultural artifacts;

  • cultural framings & histories of writing, rhetoric and their teaching;

  • the past, present, and future of Western (especially US) linguistic, epistemic, institutional hegemonic forces;

  • English as a commodity and colonizing force.

These examinations necessitate a critical approach to scholarship, foregrounding issues of colonialism, globalism, capitalism and neoliberalism, racism, ableism, as well as issues relating to patriarchy and gender inequality.

Values Statement

SKRIB aspires to uphold the following values in its approach to administration and knowledge creation:

  • Multilingual publishing without reproducing colonialist tendencies, habits, methodologies, or ideologies

  • Inter- and trans-national dialogue and collaboration

  • Critical frameworks that attend to relations of power

  • International representation across editors and peer reviewers

  • Open source & open access publishing

  • Transparent open peer review focused on mentorship

  • Accessible, equitable, and inclusive communication design

  • Support for graduate student and junior scholar research